About Us


Hi gorgeous!  We are Mya and Hector, owners of Negroni Studio Boudoir, LLC, published professional photographers, and parents to four beautiful girls and two spoiled dogs.


My name is Mya and I’ll be your photographer, coach, probably your makeup-artist, and hopefully your BFF by the end of your shoot! I’ve been a boudoir photographer for over six years. Unlike many photographers who will tell you that they always loved taking photos, photography didn’t spark my interest after I had a successful career and business. When I decided I wanted to learn photography, I attended numerous classes and workshops where I learned just about everything I know about photography from composition, to lighting, and all the technical ins and out. I shoot completely manual and in all lighting conditions. Education it’s important and it never stops. I actually love the technical side of photography as much as I love the artistic side.

I learned about boudoir photography while preparing my class schedule for a photographer’s conference. The boudoir photographers, who later became my mentors, talked about how it felt helping everyday women rediscover their beauty and fall in love with themselves all over again. I decided right there that I wanted to do that too! I’ve travel to  California and Vegas multiple times just for boudoir-photography related workshops and retreats in my quest to enhance my skills and stay up to date in the latest trends. Workshops are also a wonderful place to exchange ideas with your peers and get your creative juices flowing. I also love the small community of boudoir photographers around the world, which is why I belong to the Association of International Boudoir Photographers. As you can see, I breathe and live boudoir!


Hector is my husband. Without his help and encouragement I would’ve never gotten into boudoir photography. He is the person who makes all my crazy ideas come true. Every time I want to create a set, paint, or anything I can come up with, he is the one who makes it happen.  In fact, every time I say to him that I have a crazy idea, he always responds, “Surprise me!” .

Before my client comes in, he makes sure all the shooting areas are clean and ready for them.  He also runs the business side of the studio and it’s in charge of post-production.  Hector also assists me with my on-location sessions and vintage pin-ups. He is currently training as a boudoir photographer and I’m hoping to extend his duties in the near future as the male and couples boudoir photographer.



Brandi is the lady behind many of my client’s pampering makeover. When you book an appointment, you will have the option of adding hair styling and makeup application to your session. If you do, Brandi will come into the studio and take care of you before your session, making sure your hair and makeup is camera ready and perfect for your shoot. When Brandi is not available, I do the styling. I used to style all my clients before this wonderful gal came into my life!

Hair and makeup for studio photography is different from every day makeup and it requires a specific set of skills. Brandi has years of experience styling clients for photography, beauty queens, and television work. She is an expert in bringing out the real, beautiful, YOU. 😉

What I love the most about Brandi is not only her flawless work, but her big smile, beautiful personality, and willingness to make every single one of my clients happy with her makeover. I’m sure you’ll love her!