The Details

Who are you?
Hello gorgeous! My name is Mya and I’ve specialized in intimate portraiture for women long before before boudoir photography became popular in Central Florida. Click here to read a little more about me.

Where in Central Florida are you located?
My sessions are held in my home in Groveland, Florida. Groveland is in South Lake County next to Clermont. I am approximately 45 minutes from most Orlando areas, about 1 hour from most North Orlando (Seminole County), and about 1½ hours from Tampa. Visit “The Studio” page to view photos where your session will take place.

How much is a boudoir session and what does it include?
Your investment is divided into two parts: Session Fee + Photos. Session fee is $275 and it includes a fully-coached one-hour photography session with an experienced female photographer. Bring and pose with up to three wardrobe changes. Makeover and photos are extra.

For a limited time, pay only $29 for your  boudoir session fee instead of $275 via Groupon and Livingsocial. In addition to the discount, you will receive a $50 studio credit, which you can redeem towards your makeover.

How much is a pin-up session and what does it include?
Your investment is divided into two parts: Session Fee + Photos. A pin-up photography session is $375 and it includes the full experience: wardrobe consultation (limited retro wardrobe available), the planning of your retro themes, vintage hair styling and makeup, a full one-hour photography session with up to two looks. Photos are sold separately after your session. (We are launching a pin-up special offer soon! Send me an email to receive notification when the deal goes live!)

What’s the cost for photos?
I do not sell prints. I only sell high-resolution digital images with print permission. You may use your purchased digital images to get prints anywhere you wish or add any of the extras listed below to your digital purchase.


10 high-resolution digital images = $350 + tax
15 high-resolution digital images = $450 + tax
20 high-resolution digital images = $550 + tax
25 high-resolution digital images = $650 + tax
30 high-resolution digital images = $750 + tax
35 high-resolution digital images = $850 + tax
40+ high-resolution digital images = $950 + tax

Add any of the following to your digital image purchase:

A Little Black Book with 10 of your purchased photos= Add $50 to prices above
A Little Black Book with 20 of your purchased photos= Add $75 + tax to prices above


How does the payment plan works?
After your session is over , we’ll go over your photos and make your selections. At that time you will pay the down payment ($150), and we’ll draft a payment agreement, based on your total and how often you want to make payments. You will leave a card on file and your payments will be charged automatically on the days listed on your agreement. You will also have access to your electronic invoice so that you can make extra payments if you wish or pay off ahead of time.

When would I need to place my order by?
All orders must be placed the day of your session. Photos that are not purchased the day of the session are permanently deleted.

If I opt for a payment plan, when do I receive my photos?
Photos are delivered after you pay your invoice in full.

How many photos will you take?
On average you can expect to see approximately 75 proofs from your session.

What’s included with your standard editing?
Standard editing includes adjustment of color, contrast, and composition, and a light skin airbrush enhancement. Most of the photos you see throughout the website included standard editing. Standard editing does NOT include detailed removal of blemishes or body contouring. For the most part, most blemishes including stretchmarks and such are diminished considerably with the standard skin airbrush process. Advanced detailed editing is available for an additional creative fee.

Can I extended the session time to have more proofs to choose from?
I do not schedule sessions longer than an hour or with more wardrobe changes. Usually, it takes a little longer than an hour anyways to complete the session depending the client’s comfort level. In addition, it’s my experience that the client (and I) start getting tired getting closer to the hour and any additional time spent will result in less quality photos.

What happens the day of my session?
When you come in for your session, we’ll have a short consultation were we’ll go over your wardrobe, and talk about your session, expectations, and concerns. I want to make sure that you LOVE your experience as much as I want you to LOVE your photos. If you booked hair and/or makeup, your makeover will take place before the consultation. After the consultation your session begins! On average, we spend approximately 15-20 minutes per look. After your session is done, we will take a short 30-40 lunch break. You will go out and grab something for lunch while I download and sort your photos. When you come back from lunch, we will go over your proof gallery and you’ll make your selections at that time.

How long will the session everything take?
Between the initial wardrobe consultation, your session, lunch break, and photo reveal, you will be here approximately three hours total if you come in camera ready or approximately five hours if you re getting the makeover done here.

How long does it take to get my photos ready?
Depends on our queue list and the time of the year. It could take 2 to 8 weeks. Please come in for your session at least a month or two before any deadlines to ensure delivery by your due date. If you are doing a payment plan, your photos are not delivered until your invoice is paid in full, therefore, please come in at least four months prior any deadlines. With that said, sometimes my editing queue is short and sweet, so if you are thinking of a last-minute session, please contact me to inquire if I can meet your deadline!

How do I receive the digital images I purchase?
Purchased digital images are delivered electronically with a download link. Download them to your computer, then burn your own disks or drives.

Can I bring or have another person with me?
No, sorry. It is my experience that clients have a little difficulty connecting with me, take longer to relax, and have difficulty during the posing and coaching session when they are paying attention to another person instead of me. Please do not bring companions with you. They are not allowed to join later either. The entire process from start to finish is done with the client only.

Is there an age minimum for a session?
Yes. Boudoir clients must at least 21 years old.

Do you photograph nudes?
Yes, I do photograph artistic nudes. You may request one of your looks to be a nude session.

Do you photograph bachelorette parties or groups?
No, I don’t. I’d much rather take my time with one client at a time.

Would you travel to my location or a local hotel for my shoot?
No, I don’t. I only hold sessions at my place.

Do you photograph plus size women?
Yes, I do! In fact, most of my clients are full figure. Unfortunately for me, I can’t show most of my work on my website’s portfolio. However, you many ladies will let me share sneaks from their sessions on my private ladies-only Facebook group. Please join my group to stay up-to-date on last-minute availability, chat with previous costumers, and see more of my work!

Do you photograph men?
No, I don’t photograph men. Women 21 years old and over only.

Do you photograph pregnant women?
Yes, however, keep in mind I do not shoot traditional maternity photos with spouses and children. I do have a few maternity gowns you are welcome to try and pose with. Artistic nudes are also beautiful on pregnant ladies. For your safety, I do not photograph pregnant women with a due date four weeks or less away.

I want to keep my photos private. Is this possible?
Absolutely! Your privacy is very important to me. All the ladies you see on my website gave me permission to share their photos. Unless you give me permission, I will NOT share your photos!

Do you provide wardrobe for boudoir sessions?
No, I don’t. You must bring your own wardrobe. However, I do have small selection of sexy heels sizes 7-11 for the gals who normally don’t wear heels and prefer not to make the investment.


  • A bra/panty set
  • A bralette/panty set (These are very popular now!)
  • Teddy
  • Bodysuit (my favorite and flattering for all bodies!)
  • Corset/Garter/Stockings
  • Tank top and undies (perfect for casual gals)
  • Sweater/tube socks (perfect for casual gals)
  • Your guy’s work shirt and tie
  • Favorite team’s jersey and matching undies (preferable a female size jersey that is fitted)
  • You may opt for a nude session. You can cover up with sheets or pose inside our outdoor vintage tub.

I don’t like my stomach. What should I wear?
My philosophy is ROCK your body because it’s beautiful the way it is. With that said, I understand that most of us are a little uneasy when it comes to our stomach area. If you are doing a boudoir session and you don’t want your stomach shown on your photos, wear a teddy, a tank top w/high waist panty, a body-suit, or anything that covers it up. Skip the bra/panty look (unless is a high-waist panty that covers the stomach in FULL) and do not wear a bikini or thong even if it comes with your teddy. Also, avoid corsets. They tend to ride up and expose your stomach. Please, do not show up with wardrobe that exposes your stomach and expect me to pose you hiding your stomach all the time. Not only you will be missing out on half the fun, but when you bring wardrobe you don’t feel comfortable with, it makes your experience less pleasant and difficult.

I don’t like the cellulite in my thighs/legs. What should I do?
Purchase these right now (they take a few weeks to arrive) or these if you are plus size and wear them under your wardrobe. Trust me; they make miracles hiding cellulite!

Do you provide props?
I’m not a fan of props for boudoir as they tend to give your photos an outdated kitschy look. It’s not my style. I do have a few masks and other sexy bedroom accessories you can use during your session that blends in perfect with that “bedroom” environment.

I have no idea how to pose for the camera; can you help?
Absolutely! Don’t worry about posing. That’s my job! From facial expressions to body posture, you will be guided down to your fingertips to look your best regardless of your body type. I wont ask you to “look” at me sexy. Instead, I will show you exactly how to accomplish that!

I don’t think I’m sexy or beautiful. How can you make me look or look beautiful and sexy?
It is normal to feel that way some insecurities about posing in lingerie. I’ve learned from leaders in the industry how to pose and photograph women to look their best. In addition, you’ll be coached from your head down to your toes, including facial expressions, throughout your session. That being said, the final result it’s up to YOU. No amount of coaching will work on a woman with extreme confidence issues and who constantly looks for the things they don’t like in their pictures. When you coming for your session, leave your inhibitions at the door, come in the right frame of mind, and get ready to have FUN and embrace your beautiful body just the way it is!

Should I tan before my session?
NO, PLEASE DO NOT TAN! Tanning tends to look orange and red in photos. Natural skin tones photograph best no matter who pale the skin is. Even out skin tones is NOT included with our standard editing.

Can you photoshop the areas in my body I’d like to change?
My philosophy is that every woman is beautiful. Instead of “photoshoping” your body, I will pose you in the most flattering way possible to make you look your best.   The best thing you can do is to take your time choosing wardrobe that you love how it looks on you and that it feels sexy and comfortable. Go shopping early; if possible a couple of months prior your session. It’s my experience that if you wait last-minute to purchase your wardrobe, you will get overwhelmed and will end up purchasing wardrobe you are not 100% comfortable with or not ideal for your body shape.

Can I bring you a list of poses I want to do during my shoot?
I’d rather you don’t. To replicate a photo is time consuming. There are many factors that come together to make a photo the way it looks: location, lighting conditions, camera settings, equipment used, the subject’s body, etc. I already have my own creative flow that will result in beautiful classy images as seen throughout my website.

Can I extended the session time to have more proofs to choose from?
I do not schedule sessions longer than an hour. It’s my experience that the client (and I) start getting tired getting closer to the hour and any additional time spent will result in less quality photos.

I’m ready to book a session! What’s my next step?

  1. First, make sure you request to join my private VIP group here. This is really important because it’s the only place we can really get to know each other, you can read other client’s experiences, and it really prepares you for your session.
  2. Purchase your Groupon or Livingsocial voucher, which covers your session fee.
  3. Book your appointment online here.